LETTER: The three simple facts I raised at town council over 20mph speed limit

At the Wisbech Town Council meeting discussing the proposal for the 20mph speed limit, I brought up three simple facts.

Firstly, I said I had discussed this with many individuals and had not yet found one who would agree with it.

Secondly, I mentioned that I had discussed this with the Wisbech & District Tenants’ & Residents’ Association.

Four people voted for it and were all pedestrians who would like a lower speed limit to protect them. The other 12 who were there all voted against it.

My final comment was that my friends who live near Brighton have mentioned that the 20mph speed limit there was being lengthened and many residents were complaining about the new speed limit.

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One of the main objections is that as vehicles are travelling slower they are in the area longer and more exhaust gas is coming out. Trying very hard not to be political, this was caused by the Green Party, which will probably be removed next year.

I have organised many speed checks in my Hill and Staithe wards and very few have been caught as speeders. So, my opinion is that we should save the money required and press police to enforce the current speed limits.

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I will be very pleased to discuss this further, particularly with residents from the Hill and Staithe wards to get their opinions ... but please not on Facebook or Twitter.


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As councillor for Kirkgate Ward, Walsoken, I have on a regular basis been complained to by many residents about excessive speeding.

Councillor David Patrick and I have already taken part in a Speedwatch campaign here in Walsoken.

I wholeheartedly agree with the Twenty’s Plenty campaign because I believe a speed reduction is necessary for Walsoken.

Statistics have proven a reduction to 20mph saves the lives of our children and minimises their injuries.


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