LETTER: ‘The town council building is clearly not fit for purpose and it does not even have a disabled toilet installed in the building.’

UKIP candidate Paul Clapp

UKIP candidate Paul Clapp - Credit: Archant

I was shocked to learn that Wisbech Town Council have sacked a disabled member for non attendance of council meetings.

Councillor Brenda Lay asked a few times whether the town council could have the odd meeting at another venue so she could get into the building.

All she got from the Conservatives is we will look into it.

Clearly not good enough.

The town council building is clearly not fit for purpose and it does not even have a disabled toilet installed in the building.

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The building itself is not disabled friendly and the access is very poor.

When you are disabled you usually have to put up with a certain amount of discrimination but for a public body to openly discriminate against a disabled councillor in this day and age is down right disgusting.

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Councillor David Oliver knew exactly how many days and months Brenda had not attended as he would have asked the town clerk so please no more excuses.

You failed to look after a disabled member plain and simple.

Everyone who might have read this might think oh not in my back yard.

But I have to tell you that it has been happening in Wisbech Town Council for years.

When Lloyd Forster was on the town council with me in 2004 there were people from the Conservatives who would laugh at Lloyd because he too had disabilities.

They did not help him and they did not help Brenda.

So as we know that the building is not fit for purpose and now we know that the controlling party fits the same category not fit for purpose.

When are the people of Wisbech going to wake up and realize that Wisbech under Tory control is no longer helpful to the town?

Brenda Lay will tell you the truth she has been a victim of Tory control and has been left very upset and dismayed by the whole situation. This is not right and definitely against Brenda’s human rights.

The MEP has been informed about the behaviour of Wisbech Town Council and we still have the Disability Accessibility Act.

This act was made law so organisations like the council would have to comply.

Have they complied yet? No.

Will they? Probably not as they think that they are the law and the majority.

All I would ask you to do is to think can anyone else do a better job than the existing majority on Wisbech Town Council?


UKIP county councillor

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