LETTER: ‘Tierney lets himself down’

If I may be permitted to reply to Kate Cook’s, letter Ref: Councillor Steve Tierney from last Friday’s edition.

Nobody has ever questioned the ability or performance of Mr Tierney as a councillor.

The two complaints at the town council meeting were his suitability as Mayor of Wisbech due to his behaviour on social media regarding disrespectful comments made towards fellow councillors and members of the public.

Following the complaints you would have thought that Cllr Tierney would have taken stock and cut back on his behaviour, but no. True to form that very evening he was back online name calling and spreading hateful comments about members of the public, blaming political opponents, local papers and anyone but himself.

The comments continued the following day, this time backed up by his supporters calling members of another group, cockroaches, morons, scum, imbeciles, idiots, brain dead etc.

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All these comments were sanctioned by Cllr Tierney in so much that he had control over all these comments and had the power to delete them. He didn’t.

Some of these hateful comments were coming from members of the local Citizens Patrol, a supposedly unbiased group.

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A group we’ve been told “we can rely on for help as they patrol our streets” I suppose they will have to ask what party you follow before they will help you?

And then to cap it all, one of Cllr Tierney’s imaginary friends posted a picture of a Klu Klux Klan initiation ceremony declaring it was associated with Wisbech Voices a recently formed group. Cllr Tierney commented on this despicable picture and again he made no attempt to remove it.

It was removed some 10 hours later by another administrator.

The comments and snide remarks are still continuing even with the help of the Conservative election co-ordinater calling members of Wisbech Voices “Nasty people” and Cllr Tierney referring to other groups as “Hatefest”.

So you see it runs right through the party. While the national party tell you they are “tackling bullying” It seems to be alive and well here in Wisbech.

So there you have it Kate Cook. Of all the good things Cllr Tierney does for the community he lets himself down on social media. The very reason we went to the council meeting.


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