LETTER: ‘Time to show some true leadership’

How reassuring it is to see all these leading Conservative councillors self-promoting under the banner of free car parking in our market towns.

These self-proclaimed champions of small business are committed to saving our town centres from the imminent threat of abandonment and dereliction.

How sad it is that these fine upstanding leaders were not at the helm to overturn the numerous planning applications for the countless out-of-town retail developments that have sucked the life-blood out of our towns.

Or were they? Did their Tory free-market capitalism get in the way of common sense? Were they dazzled by the glare of the retail monolith we call Tesco?

Even the charity shops are turning their backs on Wisbech town centre now, with Cancer Research UK opening their first out of town superstore here.

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If you need help locating it, it’s in Medworth Ward.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Difficult decisions must be made. It’s time for these people to grow up, stop using the populist scaremongering bandwagon for their personal political agendas and show some true leadership. That, after all, is the purpose for which they were elected.

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