LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Broken down trucker heaps praises on young people who helped after tyre blow out

Brian Pounder with his car

Brian Pounder with his car - Credit: Archant

Last Sunday I had a tyre blow-out on the road outside of the new Tesco store in Sandown Road, Wisbech.

Being unwilling to risk changing it on the road I limped into Tesco’s approach and began to change the wheel. Within three or four minutes a young man of perhaps late twenties/early thirties stopped and asked if I needed any help. I thanked him and told him everything was fine so he drove on.

A few minutes later I was approached by a young girl in her teens wearing a Costa Coffee uniform who also asked if I was OK and could she help at all? I thanked her and assured her everything was under control so she returned to a seat near the building to wait for her lift home.

As it happened everything was not OK and when I took off the wheel I discovered a broken spring which had punctured the tyre causing the blow-out. This now meant a wait for the recovery service which I was told would arrive within an hour.

At that point I decided to call into the nearby Frankie and Bennie’s for a drink while I waited. I looked pretty scruffy because I’d been working on my boat in the yacht harbour and had dirty hands from working on the car so explained to the greeter/maitre d’ that I’d broken down and could I come in for a drink while I waited. She and the young girl behind the bar made me feel like an honoured guest.

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If these young people are an example of Wisbech youth, Wisbech should be proud and I thank them all for their concern.


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