LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Dirty tricks coming to the fore’ says county councillor but I was elected, unlike some

The dirty tricks are coming to the fore again. Samantha Clark has for some ulterior motive, listened to outside influence and decided that I as the county councillor for Roman Bank am not worthy of being in the running for the local councillor position.

Just because I do not live there, she also snipes at the Lib-Dem guy and also the Independent. I must add that I was elected, not like Samantha

Clark and Steve Tierney, both of whom are what is described as co-opted on to their councils, means that the existing councillors choose who they want from those wishing to be a councillor. This is not real democracy.

Now for her friend, our dearly beloved Steve Tierney, the co-opted councillor that also lost his last two local elections. He has had another dig and I quote “UKIP councillors accuse volunteers of lining their pockets”. That I have never said.

We have an allowance to cover administration and out of pocket expenses, this is true, but as UKIP councillors a few months ago we tried to put through a motion at Shire Hall Cambridgeshire that we should all help with the economy by taking a 10 per cent reduction in our allowances. It was outvoted by the other members, who were mostly Conservatives. Oh!

You may also want to watch:

Also, when Steve Tierney was the county councillor I notice that he did not wish for any reduction to his allowances. If money was not his ulterior motive why is he so aggrieved that I took over his area?


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Cambridgeshire County Councillor,


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