LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ‘Her professional job is about caring for people with needs in our community, a lady who understands the people she is amongst’

Samantha Clark

Samantha Clark - Credit: Archant

Let’s get this straight Mr Lay. Samantha Clark lives, works and contributes to the communities within the Roman Bank ward.

That is fact not mud slinging and from what I know of her she is well able to tell you this with or without the help of others including Steve Tierney.

She has been to my door and I have spoken with her when out and about in the village. Her professional job is about caring for people with needs in our community, a lady who understands the people she is amongst.

Why would I vote for you, you are just an e-mail response as it stands to date which equally applies to the other out of ward candidates?

In your letter there is a note of disdain for folks co-opted onto councils. The co-option of people deemed to have expertise of any kind is reasonable, taking advise is a sound way to conduct one self and happens everywhere both in public office and in business where sensible people seek solutions to everyday problems as should a councillor representing us, the public.

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Co-option does not bring voting rights so all co-opted people do is offer that advice when it is asked for the vote is only for the members elected by public vote who may or may not chose to listen to that advice, so where is the problem? Taking advice? UKIP councillors might remember this when some of them sound off inappropriately; Mr Gillick and his opinions on young people in care for a start.

Expenses or allowances so who today can put in hours of time and miles of travel with out recompense? Do you want it that only those with a good income can become councillors: That would ruin the principle of democracy?

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(Editor’s footnote: Those co-opted to councils have the same voting rights as all others, whether elected or not)

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