LETTER: Traffic in March town centre is only going to get worse as town expands

March Broad Street/High Street circa 1925

March Broad Street/High Street circa 1925 - Credit: Archant

This photo of Broad Street, March was taken about 1925.

The street then had ample space and vehicles were few and far between.

The only recognisable building is that occupied by Specsavers

Other shops altered beyond recognition are Boots and what used to Curry’s. Nowadays a problem at March is increasing traffic.

This was very noticeable before and after Christmas when vehicles queued along the riverside in Elwyn Road, as far as Deerfield Road, then they waited long periods to emerge onto High Street and Broad Street,

I still see queues along Elwyn Road, and I think as the town expands, the situation will become far worse.


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