LETTER: Two driving styles ...

Yet again we read of another bad accident on the A1101. I have only lived in the area since March this year and I regularly use this road. I love living here but the one thing I soon realised was the appalling standard of driving around here particularly on this road.

There seems to be two types of driver, those who drive everywhere at 30 mph and the ones who drive like lunatics. I always stick to the speed limit but I am often overtaken when I am doing 50 mph on the A1101 as if I am doing about 20 mph.

This road has many large signs on it warning to keep to the speed limit but many just ignore them and then claim that the road is dangerous when they have an accident. Why do they think it is the road’s fault when they lose control.

On the morning of the latest incident the cars outside my house were covered in frost. Do people not think that if the cars are iced up the road surface may also be. It is also obvious to me that people do not know how to drive around bends (brake before bend and power round, that does not mean at high speed). When will people accept the consequences of their own actions.

As a retired professional driver I feel able to comment.

Maybe driving instructors are at fault as nobody uses their indicators these days either.


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