LETTER: Two options are ‘badly thought out’ and a ‘waste of money’

Roddons knew of this issues, and have done so for many a month, more like years. One wonders what they have been doing, turning a blind eye?

Emails, estate walks all have highlighted the issues, and not any type of prevention measures done.

There have been two site meetings and they were held during December 2015 the last one on the 17th, so to say that “we” have been on site regularly is somewhat an untruth, and not regularly which has been stated, and there has been no cleaning and improving of the communal areas, ie stairwells and courtyards.

Two people from Circle Norwich attended, a Jodie Cunnington-Brock and a Jon Fox, who had the temerity to say that this area is one of the better ones, they have 20 areas that are worse, and that they wouldn’t mind living here.

Stairwells used to be swept, but it was stopped why? And all of the issues are outstanding and in Circle’s control.

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As for the damp in residents homes, I was appalled, Circle Roddons, knew of the damp and mould, and a surveyor blames the resident and to turn heating full on, and then open the windows, typical Circle response, even I have had something similar, damp in bathroom, caused a crack to appear, and its because “the building is settling” what after 50 years.

Anti-social behaviour, littering, defecating, urinating, drinking, and sometimes dog fouling, are all rife, Circle Roddons response, call 101. Police have informed us, that as the area is private property they cannot do anything about these issues.

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We have been given two options for the wall area, which has been trampled on by children and adults alike, option 1, plant like for like, and 2m wire along, option 2 plant Pyracatha, all of which will be trampled on again and again. So neither options are going to work. Badly thought out. Waste of money again. Well done Circle Housing.


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