LETTER: Unsurprised by bin decision

I am not surprised that Fenland District Council rejected the petition to dump the £40 bin charge.

The fairest way surely is to charge every household a little extra on the rates. A lot of people will find the £40 charge unaffordable.

The council will need to keep a few vehicles ready to clear rubbish from the countryside.

Have the council considered where it can save cash along County Road?

Furthermore I am surprised, not for the first time, to see grass and weeds growing along the banks at Nene Parade, standing 12 inches high.

This area is or should be a picturesque part of March which attracts a growing number of water tourists from considerable distances. The grass should be reasonably cropped, similar to other places I know of.

Council employees receive a salary for whatever they do in the hours of employment, so where do the extra costs come in? Thanks to Mr Weetman for undertaking the petition.

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