LETTER: Watch out for accidents at new Whittlesey roundabout

The highways authority could be about to cause accidents outside Whittlesey, maybe even cited in any insurance claims.

Why? Well if you are driving on the A605 coming out of Whittlesey heading east there is a new sign and new high island roundabout.

The trouble is there is a road very shortly after the roundabout that the sign does not show and the island blocks the view.

If anyone turns right just after the roundabout, they are likely to be shunted. The driver of the car turning would be indicating right. The driver behind would be forgiven in thinking either they are going to do a u-turn; when the driver keeps his indicator on there is no time for the following driver to work out if the other driver has just not cancelled the indicator.

There is no warning remember that there is a turning just after. When the schools start just wait for the possible crash as morning traffic is crazy around Whittlesey.


Via email

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