LETTER: ‘We definitely must remain in Europe’

In the Book “The Wit and Wisdom of Boris Johnson”, published by ‘Bloomsbury’ young Boris is quoted as saying,

“Look, I’m rather pro-European, actually, I certainly want a European community where one can go off and scoff croissants, drink delicious coffee, learn foreign languages and generally make love to foreign women’”

This is attributed by Harry Mount to Boris on the EU, during his failed bid for parliament in 1987.

The question is Boris - have you now ,satiated yourself on coffee, croissants and foreign women? OR do you think that we can now experiencing such pleasures without having to go to Europe - AND - do we really want to get rid of all the coffee, croissants and foreign women from these fair isles of ours - and of course ban foreign languages?

What a palava these politicians make.

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In my humble opinion - Boris and the other Leave artists should stop shaking the European tree just to see what falls out, and recognise the simple truth that Europe has been good for us, and we have been good for Europe - and long may this continue to be the case.

I really don’t think leaving Europe is at all a wise idea. It may appeal to some of our baser nationalistic instincts to leave the European Union, but to my mind it makes no sense at all to risk everything on an emotional whim.

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We definitely must remain in Europe.


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