LETTER: We have serious infrastructure problems in March NE - it is clearly not the right place for all these extra homes

St John's College site off Estover

St John's College site off Estover - Credit: Archant

What an excellent letter in the Cambs Times from Peter Tunley who obviously grasps the issues involved that over development would bring to the town of March.

Both the Fenland District Council Local Plan which stipulates a plan for building over the next 20 years in Fenland and the emerging March Town council neighbourhood plan have assessed development in March and identified, quite rightly, the problems associated with building development in the town due to its infrastructure as a small market town.

The north east area of March in particular being identified as a weak area to build in and therefore building development being restricted in that area of the town.

Our councils must now hold to the principles of both plans which offer common sense to building development to protect the interests of the community and all that reside within it.

Cllr Stephen Court

March North Town and Fenland District Councillor.