LETTER: ‘We must act now to save our hospitals’

Open letter to Liz Robin director of public health at Cambridgeshire County Council.

I have had constituents coming to me and they are worried that we are going to loose more services in Ely, Doddington and North Cambs Hospitals.

We are growing at an alarming rate and we cannot afford to loose any services from the hospitals mentioned above.

Please can you clear this mess up as I have people worried about THEIR services in THEIR hospitals. Only last month we were talking about expansion of North Cambs Hospital now I have been told that there will be a cut in the clinics that are on offer at all three Hospitals.

We cannot allow this trend to continue and have people who are in need having to travel miles out of their area for treatment.

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We need to do something now to stop the continued run down of services in our local hospitals. Once a service has gone it has gone for good. We need to get together with the clinical commissioning group as soon as possible to iron this mess out.

On the one hand we are being told that everything is running smoothly but in reality its not and how many more people are going to be put at risk.

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Cuts to NHS budgets are inevitable but to cut vital services to local hospitals in rural areas where local people rely on these services has to stop.

I would ask Jeremy Hunt not to keep on cutting services who local people rely on. The Oncology unit in the North Cambs Hospital is still waiting for a consultant and this has gone on far too long and has upset many of my constituents having to travel to Kings Lynn Hospital.

Not everyone has transport and in the case of the Fens not everyone is rich.

We also have a problem in GP surgeries where we cannot transfer from one surgery to another as they are running at full capacity. Yet they will still take on people who move into Fenland. What about the people who are not getting good service from our already over-stretched Surgeries. Again no one seems to be addressing the problem, just keep cutting the budgets for surgeries.

Wisbech is going to have at least 10,500 more houses. Is anyone thinking about infrastructure and the future of Wisbech, Doddington and Ely hospitals.

I look forward to some answers to the problems listed above as it just cannot go on like this.


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