LETTER: We must work together..

It would seem from last week’s headlines that Cllr Steve Tierney was instrumental in scuttling the Selective Landlord Licensing scheme - the scheme being designed to protect tenants from the bad Landlords of Wisbech.

I have seen first hand some of the squalor people have had to endure and the conditions people have had to live in.

But then when Cllr Tierney has in the past stated that he found nothing wrong with hot bedding, a practice used by landlords to enhance their earnings is it any wonder that he was so objective.

Or could it be that one of his councillor colleagues owns three ‘HMOs’ and another close colleague works in the property rental division?

Whatever the reason his actions and those of his colleagues has done nothing more than to further prolong the misery of some renters while the rogue Landlords continue to reap huge profits at their expense unabated.

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A previous letter from Cllr Michael Bucknor set out standards that need to be aimed for including the above.

This can only be done when new councillors are elected who, instead of representing a party, stand united together as one for example elected independently, but working as a group - ‘Wisbech Together’ for example.

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It works in Elm where whatever your politics they seemingly play no part in council meetings, you do not claim allegiance to any party but works as a team instead.


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