LETTER: We need a brown bin protest

So, Fenland District Council have ignored the petition of Lawrence Weetman, they have ignored the protestations of a whole district, and they have decided that they will levy a £40 fee for each brown bin we want to use.

As I have previously stated I spent a lot of time on Jobseekers Allowance, and as of which I incurred several Council Tax arrears punishments, I always went to my council one-stop and questioned what my council tax bill was spent on, and was always told that a part of it went towards ‘refuse collections’.

I was never informed that our Council Tax went on only our green and blue bins, but for refuse in general.

For FDC to say now that the brown bins, aka garden, food and paper-waste bins are free of charge, then that means that FDC and its employee’s have lied to me, and us.

I would love to urge all of you to - when FDC introduces this new stealth tax - take your brown bins to the side of your road or path, and lay them down, make FDC pay for the collection and disposal of every single one, but, please leave ample space for pushchairs, buggies and mobility scooters, but we must protest this latest dictatorial charge!

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A dictatorial charge that will supplement some very undeserving pension pots, and a Freedom Of Information request has gone to the chief executive of FDC to ascertain exactly how much of our hard earned money is going to pensions.

We have no bobbies on the beat, we have no street lights at dangerous hours, our roads and paths are poorly maintained, we have just become an insignificant, won’t say boo to a goose region, we have let our ‘council’ walk over us for far too long, it is time to demonstrate how we feel.

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This will be a brown bin demonstration, and this will also be our voices being heard, and forcing the ‘powers-that-be’ to listen, maybe rescinding their anti-environmental tax on our poor citizens.



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