LETTER: ‘We should consider our children and grandchildren’s future in EU vote’

I was already fairly clear in my mind to which way I am voting anyway. I worked for an electronics company before I retired, they made printed circuit boards. When we shipped inside the EU it was just like sending something to someone in the next street or village.

When we wanted to ship outside the EU it took weeks, sometimes several months even six months of paperwork backwards and forwards signing declarations, even if it was only one printed circuit board.

We have had peace in our country for 70 years. So for me that is marvellous unlike my parents I haven’t lived through any World Wars.

I have heard people say, but Europe won’t start attacking us if we leave, well maybe they won’t in the first 10 years. But what about other countries?

Scotland will definitely break away from the UK if we leave the EU because they want to be part of it.

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Our supermarkets are stocked with goods from all over the world, what an array of fresh fruit and vegetables we have from the European countries and yes I don’t doubt that we could possible still buy goods from Europe but why should they sell them to us at the same price if we are outside of Europe. Security, people tell me we have to take back our borders and control them. Have they not noticed every time we come into the UK you have to go through passport control.

If we are little England why should the French keep the controls at Calais. Immigrants and refugees, will be more able to come when we are outside of the EU they will just have to get into boats and come across the Channel it’s only 21 miles, if France take down the controls they have at the moment.

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So we will be more vulnerable to terrorists’ attacks and immigrants coming.

If we want extra security we need to be part of the bigger picture.

I am also aware that we pay billions of pounds into the EU, no-one seems to mention all the money we get back. We certainly get money from the EU for projects.

Laws, most of the laws are British laws that people complain about. There are good EU laws for employees, holiday pay, maximum working hours, maternity and now paternity leave just to mention four.

Norway still has to pay into the EU and still have to accept free movement of people and they are not members?

I think we have to look beyond our own selfish attitude and consider our children and grandchildren’s futures and get away from this appalling attitude that we have towards refugees and migrants which if we trace back our own history we will find most of us were immigrants. Also for me personally, there but for the grace of God that could happen to me/us in the UK, desperate people running away from war and poverty.



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