LETTER: We should extol town’s virtues

Would it not be so nice to have a positive headline to your newspaper, extolling the merits of our lovely town but which receives such a negative press?

Your current issue headlines another sad story, more of the same, whilst a golden opportunity was missed to headline a really big story, an award that has been sought after for years.

Instead the story was tucked away on page 21, deeper into the newspaper than I guess a lot of people even bother to look.

The golden opportunity you missed was the Gold Medal from Britain in Bloom, a just reward for a lot of hard working people, often volunteers, to make Wisbech the beautiful town it is - or at least like the curate’s egg, ‘good in parts’.

Unfortunately flowers do not make sensational headlines, so you chose to fall back on the usual stuff to catch the eye.

I have no involvement with the hard working people at Wisbech in Bloom, but I do see them out there in the late evening watering the plant displays around the town.

They deserve to be recognised locally as they are recognised nationally. Your newspaper needs to help change the perception of the town in most peoples minds, that of a run down, neglected area badly in need of investment which can only come with improved transport links, and that includes a railway!

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When the chance is there, let’s beat the drum and shout it from the roof tops!

I haven’t overlooked the top of the page picture of the award winners, but it should have filled the page!


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