LETTER: What about the rubbish in New Drove, Wisbech?

I know from personal contacts that Fenland District Council were looking at the waste land alongside New Drove on or around the 19/1/16.

When the area was badly littered then, let alone now. Obviously the council must not see litter, or bother to report it themselves, in addition the weekly refuse collection must drive by the rubbish accumulated and not see it.

Nor yet does the ‘Street Scene’ officer either see the rubbish or does not report the ‘scene’.

As for police patrols along New Drove, I discussed this with an inspector. They do not patrol New Drove on any occasion the police ‘turn’up’ only if you report a crime.

In fact my wife sent a text to a PCSO regarding the cars parked and blocking the path on New Drove, some months ago.

You may also want to watch:

When we get reply to this I will celebrate, as the text goes unanswered even as I write.

What we pay Council Tax for I can only guess (maybe to enhance the CEO’s pay?) The police precept must be used to fund the vehicles they drive about in, and stop the occasional driver to check his/her breath, which they seem to be able only to do at Christmas and New Year.

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