LETTER: ‘What I find disgusting is the snout in the trough attitude’

Re: “What kind of society are we living in?” Wisbech Standard November 6 2015.

I don’t see how investing in the Wisbech to March railway, an infrastructure project that will improve life economically and socially, is disgusting.

What I find disgusting is the snout in the trough attitude of councillors and council officials.

The cuts that are to be implemented could largely be avoided if the councillors and council officials were not bleeding the budget of almost the same amount as required to be cut. In the recent survey sent out to all of us no option was given for council taxpayers to choose a reduction in councillor expenses and emoluments. Nor was there an option to reduce executive salaries on the council.

Because of the liberal expenses available to councillors, and the plum remunerated jobs on offer for most of them, a councillor can earn the average wage by being a councillor.

We also have council officials queuing up for a turn at the top jobs. Why does a council need a chief executive - job sharing or not- on a salary package vastly bigger than the Prime Minister’s and executives on as much or more than MPs? We all know that these people would not command such salaries in the private sector, so there they remain shuffling paper as time serving jobs worths until a chance comes along for a salary extravagantly taken from council taxpayers.

That’s the kind of society we are living in!

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