LETTER: What if it was the other way round?

Much as I understand the angst of Councillor Geoffrey Woollard and many others over the result of the refendum, might I suggest they give honest thought as to what would have happened if it had been reversed.

I believe that had Remain won only by a handful of votes, the Leavers would have had to suck it up. Suddenly the result would be democratic!

Instead the BBC and its luvvies are constantly pouring out negativity, causing damage to our country. I think the Remainers are determined to ensure that Brexit fails, no doubt the Champagne was flowing when the judges made their ruling!

It distresses me beyond belief.

• Fact: lies were told on both sides, but ‘Project Fear’ by Remain helped it to lose.

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• Fact: £9 million of taxpayers’ money was spent on Remain, while the allowance given to Leave was substantially less.

• Fact: in 2015 the EU cost us over £8.5 billion net and yet we have let it get away with not getting its accounts signed off for over 20 years despite using its own auditors.

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We continue to pay while being excluded from all meetings. We have been frequently fined and punished while other countries seem to do what they want and I blame our politicians for this and the likes of the unelected Junker continue with bullying anti British tactics.

Hardly democracy. Yet again I remind Remainers that massive human and financial sacrifices were made by British men and women (and later our allies) to liberate much of Europe and keep our country free. Those sacrifices have been squandered at the altar of political correctness, corruption, lack of patriotism and ignorance by the UK and the EU.


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