LETTER: What is the future of Cambridgeshire’s past?

Ely’s Strikes Bowling Alley is to be converted at great cost into a Cambridgeshire archives store which will be open just three days a week.

At the same time a unique collection of Cambridgeshire books, newspapers and illustrations is being locked away in Cambridge Library because the County will no longer pay for a single full-time librarian.

Can museums meet the demands of Cambridgeshire residents and researchers now denied access to publicly-owned material?

Or is the Internet the answer?

Ely Museum Friends are hosting a presentation by Mike Petty to consider ‘What future for Cambridgeshire’s Past’?

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Share your views at the East Cambs District Council Chamber on Thursday May 5 at 7.30pm, members £1.50, visitors £2.50

If you care​, come.

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