LETTER: Where is this democracy?

History tells us of many empires that have come and gone down the ages.

It is interesting speculating about the cause of their downfall. The break down of moral standards often precedes their downfall.

We were once part of the biggest empire controlling a third of the world. Probably the first to give it away or sell it off. What is treason?

Our parents rose to the challenge in the last world war pulling together in the common cause. This is not my experience today, the policy seems to be to look after number one.

This leads to a society where there is constant friction and stress.

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Unless there is a change of attitude by the administration it will lead to the final disintegration of the greatest empire so far.

“And if a kingdom is divided against itself that kingdom cannot stand” - Mark 3.

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It was in ancient times that it was a green and pleasant land.

See what is planned for it today - bricks and concrete.

As the war veterans if it was worth it while they are still here. Where is this democracy?

It means everybody not just the cabinet for the EU vote.

While everyone is playing with their new electronic gadget anything can happen.



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