LETTER: ‘Where is you care Mr Duncan-Smith’

I have no doubt that this letter to Iain Duncan Smith will receive an anodyne response that toes the party line but I would be really, really grateful if whoever reads and answers this could take a moment to really consider what I am trying to say.

Firstly, I am 64 years old and so have no reason to worry about Disability Benefits personally as I live on my pension (the State part of which is a derogatory amount) in my own home that no longer has a mortgage. I also feel the need to point out that I have voted Conservative at every parliamentary and local election since the day I was given the vote. I also suffer from ME/CFS and have done so for the last nine years.

I worked in the finance department of a large local factory exporting manufactured goods all round the world. I dealt with multi-million pound contracts and was good at my job. After the first six months of my illness it became obvious that I could no longer continue working and they asked me to leave.

I couldn’t concentrate on anything for more than 10 minutes, couldn’t deal with the stimulation and sensory overload of being in a room with more than one or two people, couldn’t remember anything reliably from one day to the next and physically could not walk more than 10 to 20 steps without stopping to rest, couldn’t climb stairs without assistance, suffered with chronic pain and found staying awake for more than an hour at a time almost impossible.

I would be really interested to know just who you think would employ me if I listed these and many more physical symptoms at a job interview? I’m sure you wouldn’t want me working in your office.

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I realise there are many disabled people who, with a little help might be able to work but there are very many who are virtually unemployable unless you know of a job that lasts no more than an hour a day, doesn’t involve any thinking, talking, reading, standing or moving around? You and your department will certainly be responsible for plunging many decent human beings struggling every minute of every day to plunge into depression, fear and poverty. Surely, you went into politics because you care about people? Where is that care now?


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