LETTER: ‘Who agrees March roundabout is unsafe?’

I am writing about the appalling state of Whittlesey Road including the surface and the width of the road in addition to the safety of the Wisbech Road roundabout.

They are not fit for purpose and I hope a few more readers will agree with me.

Whittlesey Road has a significant number of bends some are 90 degrees and the road is not wide enough to pass safely and in addition has dykes on either side. Since I came to live at Turves I have noticed an increasing amount of traffic in both directions.

The entrance from Whittlesey Road to Peashill roundabout is one of the most dangerous I have ever had to negotiate. If going to March from Whittlesey Road you have traffic from Tesco and Hostmoor Avenue that is directed to the roundabout as there is no right turn. Traffic from Wisbech, traffic from the Factory outlet, traffic from March and traffic from the bypass. In addition the roundabout is high and you cannot see traffic until the last minute.

Negotiating from March to take the Whittlesey Road is extremely dangerous as you cannot put your indicator on as traffic assumes you are turning left so how can you safely indicate to turn into Whittlesey Road as traffic from the bypass does not want to stop.

You may also want to watch:

In addition goods traffic from QD factory entering the bypass has difficulty in negotiating.


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