LETTER: Who thought up bin scheme?

So! Our beloved Council, have decided it is going to be a good idea, to charge us all to empty our brown bins next year and possibly more the following year.

Great! They are going to get more money into the coffers. Ah! Now, that is IF every rate payer agrees to this, no matter what the poll says.

Have they really thought this through, without their blinkers on? Just a few questions I would like answers to, and not in any order of priority.

Here we go:

• How are our hard working garbage disposal operatives going to tell who has paid the £40 and who has not?

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• How are the council going to stop Joe Soap, up the road, emptying the contents of his brown bin, (maybe saved in secret hideout behind his gate), sneaking up in the middle of the night and topping up the brown bin of the chap down the road who has paid his 40 quid?

• Assuming that Joe Soap doesn’t top up his neighbour’s brown bin and decides to tip his garden waste in some poor unassuming farmer’s gateway, or other beauty spot, will this not put the onus and financial burden on the farmer? Failing that, maybe Joe will just dump his garden rubbish anywhere, leaving it for the Street Pride Army to clear it away, thereby costing the council even more money from what they have saved, by cutting down the amount of money saved on their crackpot scheme of charging brown bin users £40 a year, in the first place!

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• Who is the numpty who thought up this stupid scheme? Name and shame! Even in a committee, and I have been on a few in my time, there is always ONE who voices their idea!

I am in no doubt that the good folk of Fenland, can think of further questions on this hair-brained scheme, but I’ll leave that to them!



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