LETTER: Wisbech Market Place looks more and more like a car park

Do you know? A little while ago, while Photogenic was still open for business in Hill Street Wisbech, as I drove past, one sunny day, I noted that there was a really, really big hole right outside the shop.

I was tempted to pop home to get my camera and to take a photo for the next photographic exhibition in the town – with the caption: ‘Is this hole really big enough?’

Sadly, I missed my opportunity. The hole has gone, long since, and the business has ‘left the building’.

Interestingly, the town council seems to have adopted this principle over the Market Place to add to a long list of failures in recent times.

The David Oliver friends and family version of the town council just seems to be intent on digging itself into a bigger and bigger hole over this important, and very central rubbish dump they call Wisbech Market Place – and they spent £23,650.76 on ‘cleaning’ it last year.

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Oh blimey O’Reiley! Am I missing something?

To add insult to injury, the ‘town controller’, the same one who gave away the courthouse, and made his ‘wet behind the ears’ daughter chairman of the council’s planning committee is still allowing market traders to use Wisbech Market Place as a car park (I counted seven vans on Saturday). And as if that was not enough. They invited car-booters to come onto the Market Place on Sundays to make the place look even more like a car park.

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Perhaps that is the strategy of the ‘town controller’ (Cllr David Oliver) – get rid of the trees; get rid of public seating and the central plinth, and tarmac the whole place over; with a ticket barrier across the entrance; and signs up to say ‘look out for moving vehicles’ and ‘drivers park here at their own risk’.



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