LETTERS: Gardens, debt, vaccines and state of Fen road

Winners and prize giving for March Garden competition

Winners and prize giving for March Garden competition - Credit: March Garden

Here's a selection of letters to the Editor from the past week. 

How did your garden grow? 

The presentation for the March Garden competition was held at the March Masonic lodge. 

The results were 

Large garden, 1st Mr and Mrs Durey - runner up The Almshouses - sponsored by Amical Veterinary center. 

Medium garden, 1st Mrs S Kerrigan - runner up Mr J Williams - sponsored by Caldwell Masonic lodge. 

Small garden, 1st Mr L Bradbury - runner up Mr T Smith - sponsored by Haart Estate agents. 

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Hanging baskets and tubs, 1st Mr B Mansfield - runner up Mrs S Dickinson - sponsored by Stone Cross Masonic lodge. 

Allotments, 1st Dr. M Thomas - runner up Mr and Mrs Durey - sponsored by Mr J Ridley. 

Overall winner, Mrs S Kerrigan. 

Thank you to Mr C Wright for donating the certificates, Mr A Crawford for taking the photographs, Mrs L Skoulding for assisting with the judging, Maria and Laura for supplying the buffet for the presentation. 

Mr and Mrs P Nielson-Bom will be opening their garden at 45 Henson Road, PE15 8BA on the weekend August 14 and 15, as part of the NGS scheme and all proceeds to be donated to cancer charities. 


Debt relief and help is there 

The local Christians Against Poverty (CAP) Debt Help Centre is welcoming the news of the first independent regulator for enforcement agents in England and Wales. 

The Enforcement Conduct Authority (ECA) will begin by appointing a chairperson ahead of its official launch later this year.  

One of its main objectives will be to raise standards within the enforcement sector, providing more protection for vulnerable people being visited by enforcement agents, also known as bailiffs. 

We're pleased to see that the ECA is being created to make sure that everyone is treated fairly.  

We're hoping that it will put a stop to aggressive, intimidating and confrontational behaviour by some Enforcement Agents.  

Struggling in debt is bad enough without the stress of being treated badly by the bailiffs. 

We’ve sadly had many clients go through the trauma of a visit from bailiffs and although it’s never a pleasant experience, it’s important that bailiffs are aware of the importance of treating vulnerable people with respect and signposting them for help where needed. 

If anyone reading this is worried about debts piling up and they’re receiving letters about debts being passed to enforcement agents, please don't worry alone.  

Contact CAP on their freephone number 0800 328 0006 as soon as possible to get free debt help. 


Fenland CAP Debt Centre Manager, 

80 stalls for yard sale 

Sandra Donnachie has organised a massive yard sale for Whittlesey. It will take place between 9 and 2 on Sunday August 1. 

To date Sandra has 80 stalls booked to host a sale, with more joining in daily.  

Each person has paid £10 to take part and the money will all go towards replacing cabinets in and around the town.  

We now have 48 public access defibrillators with another one due to go out very soon.  

We also have 7 that have been "adopted" locally which means that they will be housed inside the new adopters' homes for speed of access.   

Local residents have been donating their unwanted items and donating them to Defibrillators For All. We have collected so much for our own sale, that we now have to hold it at the Ivy Leaf Club Whittlesey.  

For more info or a quote contact Sandra via Facebook 


We all need to be vaccinated 

I can’t say enough how people need to get vaccinated.  

I also struggle to understand why you would not have it. For me I’m double dosed, feel fine, normal in fact.  

I’ve just finished my ten day isolation after contracting Covid 19 and can honestly say it was nothing more than a head cold for me, and I strongly believe that is because I had the vaccine.  

I know of many people who have been hospitalised and nearly didn’t make it unvaccinated or early days when it wasn’t available. 

We are all entitled to our own opinions on the vaccine and that is fine, but don’t make others think it’s wrong by having it.  

If you don’t want it fine that’s your choice… all I would say is it worked for me, it worked for my wife so I would be actively supporting anybody who chooses to have the vaccine. 


(Via Facebook_ 

Time this road was repaired  

I have complained about Cant’s Drove, Murrow continuously.  

Since the beginnings of the bio plant the road has rapidly deteriorated with large tractors with much larger trailers streaming backwards and forwards along Cant’s Drove and through the village to access the A47.  

Money was apparent earmarked to upgrade the road but that deal evaporated with the sale of Bio Cow to its new owners.  

The road is treated as a monopoly by the tractors and the single tarmac road has now turned into a two lane road widened by the same tractors wanting to avoid the potholes that have never been properly repaired.  

I no longer use that road and like other users now detour an additional two miles each time to avoid. The road is now impassable and the tractors are now more frequently travelling the opposite way along cants drove to black drove and accessing the a47 that way.  

So it won’t be long until the whole road becomes impassable. Having successfully claimed from Cambridgeshire County Council for damaged wheels I am saddened that no action is being taken in haste to repair the road properly to allow free access for all vehicles.  

It wasn’t designed to carry the weight and increased vehicular movement and I don’t see the plant leaving us very soon so it surely needs a more appropriately built roadway. 


No point using our money to fix it so that the heavy traffic can mess it up again.  

It wouldn't last long unless that traffic diverts in the opposite direction and yes the A47. May as well leave it and before long they won't be able to use it either.  

Unless that company contributes towards the repair as originally promised before changing name. 


The parish council are at their wits end trying to push for this to be sorted, it’s unfit for purpose and has been since BioCow now Adapt Gas have been in place! 


it's a road there are houses down the and business BIO COW that I have to deliver to it's a nightmare. 

I think I average about 7 mile an hour never get out of 2nd gear. 

I dread going down there