Lib Dem councillor’s comments about council tax rises is political opportunism

I NEARLY fell off my chair when reading Councillor Dave Patrick’s comment about how the “Liberals oppose any such council tax rises” at Wisbech Town Council (regarding proposed temporary rises to pay for Bramley Line and Market Place).

I don’t know what Liberal party he is a member of - but the ‘low tax champions’ he describes don’t sound much like the Lib Dems we know and love, does it?

Aren’t these the same Lib Dems whose county colleagues argued council tax rises earlier this year? And wasn’t the Bramley Line on their list of “worthy causes” (albeit for a tiny sum which would barely pay for a hot dog stand let alone a railway line)?

Cllr Patrick is absolutely right - times are hard. Council tax rises must be avoided wherever possible because councils, like the people they serve, must learn to live within their means.

But to hear a Lib Dem saying this galls me. Political opportunism, pure and simple.

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