Lib Dems spring a ‘red faced’ letter day as they tell a former Wisbech councillor something he DID know.....

The letter sent to Jonathan and Susanah Farmer by Lib Dem candidate

The letter sent to Jonathan and Susanah Farmer by Lib Dem candidate - Credit: Archant

A Lib Dem candidate says it was an “oops” moment when a leaflet about his “criminal conviction” was sent to the councillor forced to resign over the war time gun incident.

Josie Ratcliffe of Chatteris – fighting the Medworth ward by election for Fenland Council- had personalised letters sent to people in the ward.

She addressed the letter “Dear Jonathan and Susanah Farmer” and told them she was “sure you were as alarmed as I was to find out that we have a by election following the criminal conviction of Jonathan Farmer.

“The length of his sentence means that he is automatically barred from continuing to serve as the councillor for Medworth.”

Mr Farmer said it was “an unusual letter to receive” and he wondered why they had bothered anyway.

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“The house has posters up supporting Conservative candidate Steve Tierney,” he said.

On Twitter Mrs Ratcliffe responded: “Oops indeed. Note to self: not *everyone* appreciates a Lib Dem letter lol”.

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Rupert Moss-Eccardt, a Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate from near Ely, posted: “If it’s worth saying its worth saying to everybody.”

Conservative district and county councillor Dave Connor said: “I have met Josie a few times and I thought her better than ok but trying to win an election seems to bring the worst in people

“That wasn’t done in the best taste.”

Mr Farmer added: “Is it everyone in Chatteris that wants to be condescending to Wisbech people or is it just the Lib Dems?”

He added: “The high water mark of votes for the Lib Dems in recent years in Medworth is 56.

“Strangely the candidate then was from Chatteris.”

The by-election takes place on October 16.

Meanwhile Mr Farmer, given a suspended sentence in August for possessing a World War Two German Walther PPK pistol, is still anxious to find a home for the weapon.

He offered it to the Wisbech and Fenland Museum but the trustees turned it down on the grounds it didn’t fit with their acquisitions policy.

“I was surprised,” said Mr Farmer. “The museum’s exhibits are eclectic and I thought it a good fit.”

He is now asking other museums – possibly Duxford- if they would like it.

If no museum can be found within six months the gun will be destroyed.

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