Library consultation is flawed

On Friday April 1st I received the results of the recent library consultation by email and by Saturday morning Wisbech Library was already displaying the new opening hours that “had been agreed by public consultation”.

Except of course no such thing had happened.

There was no support for reduced opening hours which the consultation makes clear.

Even more worrying for me were the number of library users I spoke to on Saturday morning who did not even know there had been a consultation. Looking at the number of people who responded from wards in and around Wisbech under 40 people responded to the consultation on opening hours and stock and only nine replied on the consultation on archives and local studies.

It is worth noting that these figures suggest that few town, parish, district and county councillors responded.

I am none of those things but did respond hence I was sent the results.

Do we care so little about our library facilities that we are happy for the county council to ride roughshod over our wishes?

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Have the results of this consultation been debated by county councillors and if so, why have they agree to reduce the opening hours.

I hope through the pages of your paper I will get some answers.


Bank Drive