Lights out plan is just the latest part of very severe Conservative budget cuts

Regarding the street light issue of which I have very severe concerns.

I can only assume that Councillor Steve Tierney either has an extremely short memory or, as chairman of NE Cambs Conservative Association, he is totally out of touch with his members (some of whom presumably are county councillors).

I would like to remind readers that the leader of Cambridgeshire County Council is a Conservative.

The street lights issue is nothing new and has been rumbling on for some time. When I first heard about it I did not imagine for one minute it would be implemented.

The issue went rather quiet, but then the matter again raised its ugly head with the final outcome to switch them off.

You may also want to watch:

Switching off the lights is all part of the very severe Conservative budget cuts being made at Shire Hall and nothing more. Not a conspiracy by other groups as has been suggested.

However, watch this space as the Conservative-led Wisbech Town Council will more than likely be your saviour. They will be left switched on – and this will be matched by an increase in your council tax to pay for them.

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How convenient that Cllr Tierney should blame other parties when after all it was his own party’s decision in the first place.


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