Litter and parking need sorting in Wisbech

I read with interest the article about how many fixed penalty notices (FPN) have been issued by the Fenland District Council enforcement teams in the four Fenland Towns.

I cannot comment on March, Whittlesey or Chatteris but being a Wisbechian I find it astounding that only 18 litter offences received a FPN in twelve months, that’s one and a half a month.

But even more astounded that no FPNs were issued for bad parking in the town. Can I ask how many Officers FDC has in their litter and car parking offence teams?

Can I also ask how often they patrol the streets of each Fenland Town?

Can I also ask that, if I capture either a litter or car parking offender on camera, I can receive a bounty of, say half the price of a FPN, as I would be doing the job of an FDC enforcement officer?

I suspect the answers to the above questions will be - not many, very seldom and no.

Hey ho, let the law abiding carry on putting their litter in bins and parking legitimately, whilst everyone else can do what they please.

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