Most expensive place to pay council tax in Cambridgeshire revealed

Wimblington Parish Hall will get a £25,000 boost for renovation thanks to the Mick George Group comm

Wimblington has been revealed as the most expensive place to pay council tax in Cambridgeshire. Pictured is Wimblington Parish Hall - Credit: Archant

The area with the most expensive council tax in Cambridgeshire has been revealed. 

Wimblington Parish Council has the highest total council tax in the county. 

Council tax is split between Cambridgeshire County Council, the district councils, fire and police authorities and parish councils. 

The Band D total council tax rate for Wimblington for this year is £2,142.68.  

Of this total amount £1,469.61 goes to the county council, £74.97 to the fire authority, £257.58 to the Police and Crime Commissioner, £260.46 to Fenland District Council, and £80.06 to Wimblington Parish Council. 

Parish council’s provide different services in different areas, some will run community centres or playing fields. 

Here is a breakdown of the highest Band D total council tax rates from each of the county’s districts:

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  • Cambridge City Council – There are no parish councils in the city district. The Band D rate in Cambridge city is £2,014.66. 
  • East Cambridgeshire District Council – Wentworth ward, £2,077.41 
  • Fenland District Council – Wimblington ward, £2,142.68 
  • Huntingdonshire District Council – Huntingdon, £2,140.69 
  • South Cambridgeshire District Council – Barrington, £2,114.60 

Wimblington Parish Council was approached for comment.