Date decided for Wenny Meadow parish poll

Wenny Meadow on the Wenny Road roundabout

Wenny Meadow on the Wenny Road roundabout - Credit: HARRY GOODMAN

Fenland District Council has now decided on a date for the parish poll - which is being conducted to see if the people of Chatteris want the Wenny Meadow to become a designated green space. 

This designation is a material consideration in a planning decision and will give the land protections similar to that of Green Belt land. 

The question that will be answered by the poll is “Would you like Wenny Meadow to be designated as a local green space and protected from development?” 

Voters in the Birch ward will vote at the Chatteris Library, Slade Lode ward voters at the Quaker Way Residents Community Room, voters from The Mills ward can vote at the Masonic Hall and those in the Wenneye ward can vote at the Emmanuel Church Hall. 

The vote will be held on June 7, polling stations will be open between 4pm and 9pm, there will be no postal voting or voting by proxy.