Tories retain two Wisbech seats for county council

Hudson count

Cllr Samantha Hoy who has retained her seat on Cambridgeshire County Council. - Credit: Harry Rutter

Tories held both Wisbech West and Wisbech East as the results were announced for Cambridgeshire County Council. 

Steve Tierney retained his west division, polling 1,049 votes to the independent Andy Maul who secured 451 votes.  

Labour's Daniel Kerry came third with 202 votes, Ted Hurlock fourth for UKIP with 97 votes. 

A fifth candidate, independent Lynn Monk, managed 27 votes. 

In Wisbech East, Samantha Hoy, the sitting councillor, topped the poll for the Conservatives with 1,358 votes.  

Homeless champion and independent candidate Spike Crowson was second with 358 votes.  

Labour'’s Reg Mee was third with 286 votes, Lib Dem challenger Rasa McGill was fourth with 119 votes.  

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Clayton Payne of the Workers Party of Britain was bottom with 48 votes.

And in the rural seat of Roman Bank and Peckover, Simon King kept his Conservative seats. 

Simon King - Elected
Conservative (1728 votes / 57.56%)

Chris Mountain
Labour (242 votes / 8.06%)

Gavin Booth
Liberal Democrats (895 votes / 29.81%)

Ruth Johnson
Green (137 votes / 4.56%)

Cllr Tierney: "I would like to thank those that have assisted me and my mum and dad who have worked their socks off.

"This has been a pretty grim election, but hard work wins elections and that's what I intend to do going forwards."

Cllr King: "I would like to thank voters who put their faith in me again and I will do my best not to disappoint you and will work for the people who didn't vote for me.

He added: "This campaign has been characterised full of half-truths, lies and distortions and that makes me really sad.

"I'm glad the people of Fenland could see through that, so thank you to the voters who voted for me."