7 options to solve Welney flooding and one could cost £58m 

Welney Washes

From last winter at Welney when drivers decide whether to risk crossing the flooded Washes or to take a diversion. - Credit: Terry Harris

Cost of resolving flooding on the A1101 at Welney could be up to £58m, says Norfolk County Council.  

“Potential schemes have been considered over the last 30 years but not progressed due to cost and complexity,” says a report to its cabinet members. 

Although £58 is the highest estimate for one of the seven options being considered, it could be as low as £4m.  

It will depend, says the report, on the preferred option “and desired level of resilience”. 

Whichever option eventually succeeds, the county council says although it could contribute some funds towards it “government support will be essential”. 

The report says the A road crossing the Ouse Washes – part of a flood defence system and a Site of Special Scientific Interest – regularly floods.  

This results in “closure of the road and a 20-mile diversion for up to a third of a year”. 

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In May the latest meeting with MP Liz Truss (she first attended a ‘floods summit’ with NE Cambs MP Steve Barclay seven years ago) “discussed findings of an updated feasibility study". 

It was agreed to look at preferred options, balancing the cost, deliverability and environmental factors.  

And to “develop costs in more detail and indicative delivery timescale, identifying and agreeing funding”.