Election 2021: Tories win Whittlesey by-elections

Haq Nawaz

Haq Nawaz who won a town council seat in Whittlesey for the Conservatives - Credit: Harry Rutter

It was a clean sweep for the Conservatives as they claimed victory in the Whittlesey by-elections today (Friday).

Tory candidate Jason Mockett triumphed over Labour’s Jes Hibbert to secure a Fenland district and Whittlesey Town Council seat for the Lattersey Ward, while Haq Nawaz beat Peter Bibb for the Stonald Ward seat.

Mr Mockett, who won 449 votes compared to Mr Hibbert’s 267, said: “I am extremely proud to stand as a Conservative and represent the area I live in and thanks to Jes for being worthy opponent.”

Mr Hibbert congratulated Mr Mockett on his victory, but highlighted his concern over the 33.19 per cent turnout.

He said: “The one thing that concerns me is although 33pc is quite good for a local election, 67 pc of people did not engage.

Jason Mockett

Newly elected councillor Jason Mockett - Credit: Harry Rutter

“We need to try and engage with those people and make them realise they do have a say in local government.”

Meanwhile, Haq Nawaz praised “intelligent teamwork” as he claimed the Stonald Ward seat.

Mr Nawaz claimed 648 of the votes, over 400 more than Labour’s Peter Bibb.
Speaking after his victory was announced, Mr Nawaz said: “If I were to use two words, I would say intelligent teamwork.

“I’d like to thank the team that work with me, Chris Boden, Dee Laws, Julie Windle, but above all, I would like to thank each and everyone of those who voted for me,” he said.

“I must pay special tribute to those who were knocking on their doors during all kinds of weather and times. They have shown impeccable patience.

“I’m proud that we got the highest turnout as that’s what democracy is all about.”