Wenny Field Parish Poll will be paid for with reserve money and tax raise

Chatteris Town Council Chambers

Chatteris Town Council Chambers - Credit: HARRY GOODMAN

Chatteris Town Council has decided the Wenny Field Parish Poll will be funded using money reserves and by upping council tax next year.

At Tuesday's monthly Chatteris Town Council meeting, the councillors discussed where to find the money for the Parish Poll to see if Chatteris residents want the Wenny Field made a Local Green Space.

As there is no room in the budget for this poll, the idea to cut grants to local organisations like the Chatteris Christmas Lights, Chatteris in Bloom and the King Edward Centre was discussed but ultimately dismissed as it was thought it would unfairly jeopardise organisations that benefit the town.

The council apologised for the tax increase, however said the money must come from somewhere and that they could not save money for something they could not have anticipated happening - therefore reserve money is being used to pay for the poll.