Looking to return copy of King James Bible to Clark or Bates family referred to by inscriptions

My wife has a copy of the King James Bible, dated 1873 (in Roman numerals).

It has hand-written inscriptions detailing the births in two families, Bates and Clark, which, from my limited research, appear to have a connection with Cambridgeshire.

More specifically, the Bates family were recorded as being in Whittlesey.

The Bates family births include Frederick (1857), Ellen (1859), Hannah (1861), Caroline (1865) and possibly Rebecca (1869) in North Witchford.

The Clark family has birth dates from 1826-1837. I haven’t tried to discover any connection between these two families.

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My reason for contacting you is to see if you or your readers can add flesh to these bones and, possibly, make contact with one or both of these families with the objective of returning the Bible to them.

My wife has no family connection with Cambridgeshire and she is not sure how the Bible came to be in her family’s possession.

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If we can re-unite it with the Bates/Clark families we will be delighted to do so.




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