Lost and found: 400-year-old ring and Medieval silver badge

A 400-year-old gold ring and a Medieval silver pilgrim badge found in Outwell were among five items declared treasure at an inquest this week.

The incomplete 15th century badge and mourning ring were both found by Michael Carlile in the area last year.

A 1,700-year-old gold ring found by metal detector ethusiast Dr Stephen Hammond in Sedgeford in November last year was also designated treasure.

Norfolk coroner William Armstrong declared the items treasure at King’s Lynn County Court on Monday after hearing how they had been authenticated by experts at the British Museum.

A buried item is classed as treasure by a coroner under the Treasure Act

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1996 if it is made of precious metal and more than 300-years-old.

The finders may be entitled to a reward but ownership of the items passes to the Crown. The items may end up in a museum.

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Also designated treasure were a 15th century silver mount found by Malcolm Parker in Oxborough in November and a 16th century silver gilt dress hook discovered by Marcus Virgo in Bawsey in January.

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