Love em or hate em but wind turbine is same as a windmill

A WISBECH fruit farm hoping to erect a wind turbine says some people may disapprove but in reality they are only harking back to the days villages had windmills.

“The turbine will not impinge greatly in longer views,” says Littlechild and Son in a statement to Fenland planners.

“Some people will like the structure, others will not, but its only impact will be visual.”

The farm says four apples trees will be removed to make way for a concrete base but have not put this down on their application form because they are “classing the apple trees as a crop”.

The farm, in Parson Drove Lane, Leverington, wants permission for an 18 metre high turbine to provide energy for their own use and to sell off surpluses to the national grid.

“The turbine will be seen, but it is only harking back to Cambridgeshire’s past when many villages had a windmill and the sight of the structure will quickly become familiar,” says the farm.

Anyone concerned about it should take in account it will provide “an example of environmental technology in practical action. It is a lone structure and it is not glaringly obtrusive”.

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