‘Lucky to be alive’ - Whittlesey student relives A14 horror crash

A STUDENT teacher has pleaded with drivers to take care this winter - reliving the moment her car was sent spinning off the road by an articulated lorry.

Kelly Thomas, 20, from Whittlesey, said she was “incredibly lucky” to survive the crash, which happened on the A14 earlier this month. A lorry ploughed into the side of her Ford Fiesta, which she had bought just two weeks earlier.

The car, which was also carrying her boyfriend and his sister, was sent skidding across traffic before overturning and crashing into the embankment.

Ms Thomas said: “It was all just a big blur. I remember it hitting me and then the car just started spinning. It spun a couple of times, flipped over, went up the embankment and crashed into a lot of thorn bushes.

“We were so lucky we weren’t killed. Someone was looking down on us that day.”

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Ms Thomas is still being treated for a spinal injury suffered in the crash. She also injured her neck and legs as well as her foot, which got trapped underneath the pedals. Her passengers escaped with minor injuries.

The lorry driver, who admitted full liability for the accident, said another vehicle had flashed its lights, incorrectly indicating that it was safe to change lanes.

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“I think people just need to be careful,” said Ms Thomas, who is doing her teacher training at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. “That could be your daughter in that car - that’s what they’ve got to think.

“I don’t want to drive at the moment. They’ve sent me a courtesy car but I sent it back. It’s a nightmare before Christmas because I would have driven to visit family.”

Ms Thomas described the car, which was written off, as “unrecognisable” after the crash.

Her mother Ann Thomas said: “It actually made me feel sick to look at the car afterwards. I will never flash anyone in again.

“I don’t know how they got out of that, they were so lucky. The ambulance driver told Kelly that she should buy herself a lottery ticket.”

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