Luke uses a drone to get a birds eye view of March - have you sent your drone overhead for a snap shot of your town or village?

Here's the new way of towering over March - using a drone

Here's the new way of towering over March - using a drone - Credit: Archant

It’s an unusual way of seeing the Fenland town of March – but an increasingly popular one too.

Luke Berridge has been busy adapting to the latest craze of drone photography and picked an overhead tour of March to see what its look likes from above.

His short video has now been put on YouTube and, as Luke says, “shows me taking my drone out to get a 360 view of the town centre”.

For technical buffs Luke says he used a Phantom 3 Standard drone to obtain the footage.

• Can you offer a different perspective to Luke? Perhaps of a different town? Email,uk with details or, if it is already on YouTube, with a link.

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