Magpas doctor overcomes fear of heights to jump out of a plane to raise funds for their life saving work

Doctor Saad and his family PHOTO: Magpas

Doctor Saad and his family PHOTO: Magpas - Credit: Archant

A doctor has battled his fear of heights to work with a life saving helicopter emergency crew who he will join in a team jumping out of a plane to raise money to keep the service going.

Doctor Saad Jawaid. PHOTO: Magpas

Doctor Saad Jawaid. PHOTO: Magpas - Credit: Archant

Doctor Saad Jawaid is afraid of heights, yet his role with Magpas involves flying in a helicopter to bring his specialist skills to patients in life threatening situations in the East of England and beyond.

Now, he says he is inspired, despite his fear, to take part in a skydive for the Magpas Air Ambulance.

Doctor Jawaid will jump out of a plane at 13,000ft to raise vital funds for the lifesaving charity!

He said: “It took no time at all for me to become thoroughly inspired by Magpas Air Ambulance.

“Over the last few months, I’ve attended numerous emergency call outs alongside a critical care paramedic, where we have needed to provide lifesaving treatments on the road side.

“These patients had little or no chance of reaching the hospital alive, but Magpas doesn’t believe that quality care is limited to the boundaries of the hospital, as a result we take A&E level care to the patient.”

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Saad has been a doctor for over a decade, and has worked in the emergency department for seven years.

He worked in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan before moving to the UK in 2012.

He forms one of the crucial members of the Magpas enhanced medical team.

“The fact that Magpas Air Ambulance relies on generous public donations to continue to provide essential lifesaving care is why I decided to take part in the annual Magpas skydive.

“The crucial difference we can make has inspired me to fundraise and skydive for Magpas Air Ambulance - despite my fear of heights.

“It’s just beautiful to know that I’ll be able to pitch in a little for a charity that has been doing outstanding work, and setting the highest standards, for almost half a century.”