Magpas helicopter flies to boy at Chatteris who injures leg after falling from his motocross bike

Magpas Air Ambulance in flight

Magpas Air Ambulance in flight - Credit: Archant

The Magpas Air Ambulance flew to the rescue of a boy who fell from his motocross bike near Chatteris.

At about 3.30pm on Saturday (16) Magpas doctor Rupert Hurry and paramedic Jo Lambert landed near Chatteris in the Magpas Air Ambulance.

The team assessed the patient who had a leg injury.

The Magpas doctor and paramedic then worked alongside an EEAST Ambulance Service paramedic crew to provide the boy with pain relief.

The patient was taken to Peterborough City Hospital, in a stable condition, by the ambulance service.

The helicopter team who flew the Magpas doctor and paramedic to the scene was pilot Andy Figg and crew member Lee Kennedy.