Major housing development for Whittlesey is refused

The proposed layout of the 249 home site.

The proposed layout of the 249 home site. - Credit: Archant

A plan to build 249 homes on the outskirts of Whittlesey has been refused prompting celebrations by a group which launched a petiton to campaign against the proposals.

Fenland District Council has refused an application to build the homes at the former Showground site on land North of Whittlesey.

Headed up by MP Steve Barclay, the petition was launched after more than 300 residents attended a public meeting organised by Whittlesey Town Council, to have their say on proposals.

Mr Barclay said the petition was launched to outline key objections like increased flood risk, traffic congestion on the B1040 and added pressure on public services.

Potential impact on biodiversity and wider damage to the landscape were also taken into consideration during the planning decision process, he said.

“The Environment Agency suggests that development on the site would have extended the risk of flooding to surrounding properties in the Bassenhally and Delph wards where 1,100 are already at potential risk,” said Mr Barclay.

“It is important that growth in our towns and villages does not come at the expense of those already living in surrounding communities, and I am very glad that Fenland District Council has recognized the wishes of the people who came together to speak out against the plans,” he said.

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“I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of those who contributed to the planning process by attending the initial meeting to spell out residents’ objections to those that have taken the time to sign the petition.”

Developers wanted to build 249 homes, to include 25 per cent affordable homes, on land near the Nene Washes which would be accessed by the B1040.

The road was closed for 72 days last winter due to flooding.

Alternative access to the site was suggested from Teal Road and Otago Road.

The site is classified as flood zone one which means it is seen as low risk. It is within a five minute walk of Alderman Jacobs Primary School and 15 minute walk of Sir Harry Smith Community College.

The first meeting about building homes on this site was held in June 2011. It was proposed to Whittlesey Town Council in June 2012 and a public exhibition took place in September last year.