Make 2016 the year you reach your weight loss dream says Slimming World’s Sally who is setting up a new group at Wisbech

Sally Shipley from Wisbech before losing weight

Sally Shipley from Wisbech before losing weight - Credit: Archant

A Wisbech woman is inspiring others to follow their weight loss dream after finally feeling she has got her eating under control.

Sally Shipley from Wisbech before losing weight

Sally Shipley from Wisbech before losing weight - Credit: Archant

Sally Shipley’s struggle with food started in her early teens when her parents bought a fish and chip shop.

“My weight unsurprisingly rose over this period and my confidence suffered” said Sally.

“My friends enjoyed clubbing every weekend. I would make every excuse not to go as I really wasn’t comfortable with the fashionable clothes they all raved about.”

Disappointing exam results, coupled with a need to support the family business when her mother became ill, saw Sally give up her education along with her childhood dream of becoming a nurse.

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Meeting her husband Rod marked the start of happier times and with the birth of their sons she was determined they would grow up knowing the benefits of proper mealtimes, healthy food and regular exercise.

However, following the sudden death of her father in 2003, she hit an all-time low and became her heaviest weight ever.

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“Life was so busy juggling work commitments with two young children. I felt I was on a permanent roller-coaster ride” said Sally.

A friend told her about a local Slimming World group and although apprehensive, she gave it a go.

“I learned about the healthy eating plan that was far too generous to be called a diet. After one week I lost 5.5lbs and continued to lose weight nearly every week, reaching my target within just a few months.”

But she left soon after and without the support of the group, the weight crept back on and over several years she repeated a cycle of losing a few pounds, putting them back on and never getting things under control.

In September 2014 she went back to the group.

“I quickly learnt about the new extra easy plan,” she said. “My husband and sons were blissfully unaware they were eating much healthier alternatives to favourite meals.”

She reached her target weight in April and has remained there since and has also been crowned her group’s Miss Slinkey for 2015.

“For the first time, I know these changes are for life and am confident I can maintain my target weight into the future. I am much more fun to be around. I cannot wait to help others realise their dreams.

Sally’s groups are on Wednesday January 6 at 5.30pm and 7.30pm and Thursday January 7 at 9.30am in St Peters Church Hall, Love Lane, Wisbech.

Contact Sally on (07919) 410258.

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