Make sure you vote on May 5 and give Fenland people a real voice

THE views from the doorstep this week seem to reflect one key message - that many people feel that the council no longer represents them.

This cannot be blamed entirely on the Conservative councillors that make up all their representatives in March.

True - they have supported cuts which hurt most people in the area such as in health provision, care for the elderly, education, early years services, police and so on.

True - they are frequently seen apparently fighting situations which everyone knows their party is responsible for.

True - they have made front page news stories with accusations of dubious goings on and in-fighting.

However, it must partly be laid at the door of all of us for not putting up a plausible alternative. At the last council election the Tories walked in unopposed in over half their seats.

No wonder many people felt that there was no-one speaking for them, no-one to put an alternative view, no-one challenging the decisions made on our behalf.

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At this election however we are redressing the balance. There are Labour candidates contesting every ward for Fenland District Council and so people do have an alternative to more of the same. They will be able to elect someone who will speak for them and challenge those in power.

What will Labour councillors do? We will fight unnecessary cuts that harm services to the people and harm growth of our economy. For example: cuts to public transport which make it hard for young and old to get around our areas and access other services; cuts to tourist facilities which will stifle growth of what is becoming a vital sector for local development.

We will fight to maintain services for local people whether it is elderly in care homes or the young in educational facilities. Where private businesses have taken over public provision we will endeavour to ensure not just current but future provision.

We will plan for the long-term future making sure that new developments are sustainable and fit in with our hopes for the future of Fenland and not just meet the need of corporations greedy for profits.

We will make sure that new services are placed where they are most needed and that the infrastructure is in place to support them.

We will be visible and accountable, not just at posh dinners and ceremonies, but online and on your doorstep.

Obviously a great deal of what we can do at the local level will be determined at the national level. Many of the improvements in local provision in recent years were imposed upon reluctant councils by central government but now it is mainly cuts being passed on to us.

We can influence the decisions that David Cameron is making at these elections. Every Tory councillor who loses their seat will tell him that we don’t like what he is doing.

By campaigning we have already made him rethink policies on forestry and put on hold his disastrous health reforms.

But to achieve that people do need to actually get out and vote.

“What is the point, the Tories always get in” is another frequently heard statement on the door. Well this time don’t let them.

Use your vote on May 5 and let’s give the people of Fenland a real voice.


Labour Candidate for Town and District in March East

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